I am writing this long overdue letter to thank you for the excellent service you have provided for my 2014 Toyota Camry, as well as my other vehicles. As you may recall, the Camry was intermittently stalling and not starting. I should add that this was after a few visits to a Toyota dealer, who had claimed to have fixed the problem. It was a tricky problem that was difficult to diagnose and repair. You and your colleagues were extremely supportive and helpful throughout the ordeal and made an extraordinary effort to solve and permanently fix the problem. The vehicle has been running trouble-free ever since.


One of the best family-owned Auto Repair places around! I have been going to Jetro’s Automotive Repair for all of my automotive repair needs for the past three years and I have never had a bad experience. The employees are experienced and more importantly, I know that I can trust them. Whenever I have an issue with my car I always check with multiple mechanics to confirm the problem and Jetro Auto has never lied to me, they also consistently offer me the cheapest repair prices. Jetro’s Automotive Repair is a great place to fix and maintain your cars because they combine great (and speedy) service with a personal experience that you can trust.”


Excellent service…they always go the extra mile. I was referred to Jetro Auto Repair about 2 years ago and have been using them ever since. They are the only place I go for any auto work because they always go the extra mile as far as service. The technicians are great and they fix the problem the first time. They have done everything from oil changes to major repairs for me and I have never had to bring my car back after they worked on it. Their facility is also the cleanest, most well-maintained shop I have ever seen. I absolutely recommend Jetro Auto Repair.


You won’t regret bringing your car(s) to Jetro’s Automotive Repair Service. It’s like having a family member you can trust with all your automotive repair needs. They are honest, make mechanical issues easy to understand, and charge considerably less than my car dealer for repairs. I would recommend them to anyone for all their car servicing needs. I grew tired of paying exorbitant dealer repair costs and decided to give Jetro Auto a try, after I received one of their Get Acquainted oil change specials in the mail. I have been extremely satisfied ever since I switched to Jetro Auto. For quality, friendly, reliable, and reasonably priced car servicing, go to Jetro!”


Good, trustworthy mechanic, the best I have seen. Jetro Auto Specialist has done both maintenance and repair work for me on 2 different cars in the last couple of years. They are the real deal. Their honesty is the main reason I continue to use them, as well as their know-how and ability to fix things. Jetro Auto is a good, trustworthy mechanic, the best I have seen.


At last, an honest repair shop… I recently took my car to their shop on a friend’s recommendation after I swiped a curb with my tire and took a chunk out of it. I went in with the full expectation of getting a new set of tires. After showing the damage to Jetro Auto, he stated that I didn’t need new tires yet and that I should just monitor it in case it gets worse. How many shops do you know of that do the right thing, even if it means not getting a sale? I won’t be taking any more chances at other places since I know I’ll be taken care of at Jetro.


Good Morning Jetro, Just a note to say thank-you for the expedient and wonderful service you and your mechanics offer at Jetro Auto! I can’t remember when I have had such a good experience with an auto repair company here in the FCT, and, I have been here over 6 years! Just wanted you to know about the good experience I had yesterday, and will spread the word to all….You have a customer for life!! (lucky you huh!)

Belinda Samama

After almost been frustrated by mechanics that claimed to be experts. My gear box is working perfectly now, but not until I gave my last try to Jetro Auto Limited. I regretted wasting so much before I was referred there but all the same, I am glad my car is working well as supposed

Kazeem Ahmed

I am so glad that I have a personal mechanic. It gives me joy and confident knowing my vehicles are safe and in good hands. Thanks Mr Paul and co.

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